I tell you something about me…..

I was born in a very beautiful valley of Castiglion Fiorentino, in province of Arezzo, known for its medieval and etrusco origins, deep in the Tuscany hills nature.

Since i was a child i started to sing in the little chorus directed by my father, and i studied music in the local philarmonic band.

My very first ehxibition in public in front of a great count of people, when i was 14, and that were almost 300 people!
But i felt good adrenaline that non feared me! No fear! And from there my passion grown and i never stopped!

Singing in every kind of parties, anchorman in some local shows, private parties and every kind of cerimonies, built and directed a lot of shows with audio equipment and lights as a technic, i had a rock band with some friends, and then at 21 years, i started really serious to mix music as a Dj in local happy hour, club and radio.

A lot of different experience, that i use with my spectators, not only in the entertainment, also like when i have to be an anchorman, graphic designer, make public relations, manage social, and even more….

Also i have a very large like for music, that i listened everyday:
From 60’s to rock’n’roll, 70’s disco to today’s music, blues to pop, hip-hop/rap to r&b, house music to modern dance, italian hits to international evergreens.

I’m always tuned on new music and top trend of today!….
And, why not, i search trends from the past, useful for my inspiration in every exhibition!

In every show i change me to be the perfect entertainer, discreet or implicating, chic or commercial.

I love the details and i want the situation to be the best possible, and i’m ready to face new challenges!

The correct fun for every situation: my focus…

Because fun is a serious thing!